A fantastic Ocean and Earth Day at National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

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Discovering the world under the microscope

Discovering the world under the microscope

Another very successful Ocean and Earth Open Day held at NOC, Southampton on Saturday 23 March, 2013. A great turnout on a very cold day, we had over 3000 visitors and the feedback was extremely positive.

The Descent into the Icehouse  (@IntotheIcehouse) participated in the event with a poster display and information material about our research work.  We had a great attendance; our stand was full most of the time and it was a rewarding and exciting experience for both us and the visitors. It was fantastic to see the excitement in the children’s faces discovering through a microscope the tiny world of microfossils and especially those of foraminifera, a group of single-celled animals that construct shells of almost infinite variety and in most geographical regions.

The study of fossil foraminifera has many applications beyond expanding our knowledge of the evolution and diversity of life. Fossil foraminifera are useful in paleoecology, paleobiogeography, as well as, oil exploration.

The children and their parents had a great time exploring and discovering the wonders of nature and a whole world under the microscope.

Our OED day would not happen without the help of our scientists and volunteers

Rosie Sheward
Eleni Anagnostou
Ioannis Komis
Samantha Gibbs

… and without their enthusiasm, dedication, determination and sheer hard work, this day could not be such a success.  I’d like to take this opportunity to say again a very big THANK YOU.

More photos and a video will be made available from NOC online soon, so look out for another post in the next few weeks.

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